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The Art of Pitch Shot Control in Golf

Unlocking the ability to spin the golf ball on pitch shots can significantly elevate your short game. Follow these key tips to add finesse and control to your pitches:

Proper Setup:
Ensure a narrow stance with the ball positioned in the center. Slightly open the clubface to increase loft, promoting more spin.

Grip Adjustment:
Adopt a slightly softer grip to allow for a smoother release through impact. This helps generate the necessary clubhead speed for increased spin.

Weight Shift:
Shift your weight onto your front foot during the downswing. This promotes a steeper angle of attack, allowing the clubface to catch the ball cleanly for optimal spin.

Wrist Hinge:
Incorporate a controlled wrist hinge on the backswing and maintain it through impact. This technique maximizes the clubhead’s speed and increases the potential for backspin.

Descending Blow:
Focus on a descending blow by striking the ball first, then taking a divot. This clean contact enhances spin by trapping the ball between the clubface and the turf.

By combining these elements, you’ll enhance your ability to impart backspin on pitch shots, giving you the precision needed to navigate the trickiest greens with confidence. Practice these techniques regularly to refine your touch and master the art of spin in your short game.

Tyrone Lorusso

Tyrone Lorusso

Parkview Golf Club Head Coach
Class AAA PGA Professional