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Overlooked Golf Course Etiquette

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5 Tips for a Respectful Round

When you step onto the golf course, it’s not just about playing your best game; it’s also about adhering to the time-honoured etiquette that makes the experience enjoyable for everyone. While most golfers know the basics like keeping quiet during someone’s swing and fixing your divots, there are a few often overlooked etiquette guidelines to consider:

1. Pacing Matters: Slow play can be a major frustration. Always keep up with the group in front of you, and if you fall behind, let faster groups play through.
2. Don’t Over-Talk: While some conversation is fine, excessive chatter can disrupt other golfers. Respect the serenity of the course by keeping your conversations to a minimum.
3. Raking Bunkers: After hitting from a sand bunker, be sure to rake the sand behind you. Leaving it unraked can create a hazard for the next golfer.
4. Repair Ball Marks: Every golfer should repair ball marks on the green. Neglecting this can result in uneven surfaces that affect everyone’s putts.
5. Be Mindful of Shadows: Avoid standing in a player’s line of sight or casting shadows when they’re putting. A small gesture that can make a big difference.

Remember, golf etiquette isn’t just about following rules; it’s about showing respect for fellow golfers and the course itself. By keeping these often-overlooked etiquette tips in mind, you can ensure an enjoyable round for everyone.

Tyrone Lorusso

Tyrone Lorusso

Parkview Golf Club Head Coach
Class AAA PGA Professional