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Low vs. High Wedge Shots: The Art of Flight Control

Precision is key when playing this game called golf. When it comes to wedge shots, golfers have two key options: the low wedge shot and the high wedge shot. Each has its purpose and requires a distinct set of skills.

Low Wedge Shot:
The low wedge shot is ideal for situations where control and roll are crucial. To execute it effectively, use a steeper swing plane and open the clubface slightly. This imparts more backspin and minimizes launch angle. Low wedges are perfect for when you need to navigate obstacles, when the wind is blowing into you, and ensure a predictable bounce and roll upon landing. It’s a go-to shot for advanced players who can manage their ball flight with precision.

High Wedge Shot:
On the other hand, the high wedge shot provides elevation and soft landings. It’s the choice for flying the ball over hazards, stopping it quickly on the green or when the wind is blowing from behind. To execute this shot, open the clubface more and take a shallower swing path. This imparts more loft and height to the ball, allowing it to drop softly upon landing.

Mastering both low and high wedge shots is essential for any golfer. The ability to choose the right shot for the situation can be a game-changer, elevating your short game to new heights. Practice and versatility are key to becoming a well-rounded golfer.

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Tyrone Lorusso

Parkview Golf Club Head Coach
Class AAA PGA Professional